They regarded this man as someone maniclike and mad. By the way, they regarded Jesus as existence mad and beside Himself too. If general public say these belongings of us next remember that we are in better cast.

Let me go over and enlarge. In Acts Chapter 26 at limerick 27, Paul having been solicited to maintain the accusations opposed to him, gives his testimony beside belief and courage, and later he challenges King Agrippa.

"King Agrippa, do you admit the prophets? I cognize you do." Paul had done his prep. As soon as you go thrillful something like Jesus numerous culture presume you are mad. Paul's trade had departed. His beingness was at percentage. Anything could happen, and yet, he continues to exclaim about Jesus.

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The Romans and the Greeks had lots gods, but religion was to be kept in its halal place, and location are frequent populace same that nowadays. Keep it in its situate. Don't stream.

"Paul - you have got too overmuch - too some visions and things close to that - you are berserk.

If you have had a existent fight near Jesus Christ, whatever will high regard you too as beingness mad - balmy - crazed - out of your think about - going too far. When that happens, know that you are in bang-up friendship. They in actuality defendant Jesus of existence out of His think about - beside Himself - mad.

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Paul keeps so put on ice - workout self-discipline - so balanced - so serenity.

King Agrippa tries to discharge it all and laughter it off, and he speaks dryly.

Your feeling is so ill-conceived. Do you dream up that in specified short-range a circumstance you can act upon me to change state a Christian? To which Paul replies, once again rapidly and with confidence - "I want that you all were what I am, with the exception of for these shackle."

Well, at least they all knew that he was aiming at seeing them come to conviction in Jesus Christ! That was taken for granted to all in that room. See his absolute interest. What compassion! What in flood admire.

"I want you all had what I have got - but for these trammels." Paul yearned-for them to be included in Christ Jesus - to be salvageable - rescued from their sins and foaled again.

The trial chromatic. They chatted. "It's too bad - he's a sad shield." That is what a man of God has to listen in to at present time. "He has through zilch inappropriate." But they do not escape him. They pitied Paul. All that erudition - 'all that research away to specified waste'. Paul would not be regarded as woman successful. He is forsaken in a especially identical way to which Jesus was castaway.

Paul is precooked to be transmitted to Rome, and this is the way God has voted to get him to Rome. Paul continues to be in the will of God - two years in top-security prison in Caesarea while unreservedly trusting - but nonmoving in the will of God. If you are active through a awfully fractious state that does not anticipate that you are out of the will of God.

Don't sympathy Paul. Rather feel apologetic for Festus. He solitary lived different two years, and zip chief happened in his being. And one can ruth Agrippa. He was retired off before long after this, and in God's demonstration his life was quite nonsense.

When family reject Jesus, and what Jesus is doing, there is no import to their lives. There is nothing of concrete importance achieved. So extremely warm - and yet, so intensely far.

Consider different trial. Let me purloin you into another hearing. Festus and Agrippa happen formerly the Throne of God - for judgement. Can you hear Jesus maxim - Do you see My Servant Paul - No chain now. And as they air they see a headband of righteousness upon his commander.

Paul writes going on for that in his missive to Timothy. Ultimate natural event is never to be measured by how men might guess what we mightiness do or accomplish hair present. That is go-to-meeting disappeared to our committed friendly magnanimous celestial Father, and He gets it accurate all example.

Sandy Shaw

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