Prior to ordering memorials, headstones or gravestones you status to weigh up the churches regulations in lingo of what is bankable. Your NAMM or BRAM mason will be able to hand over you counselling in this.
Each clerical will have its own regulations, below is an occurrence of the topics they will sheathing.

o Materials

o Dimensions

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o Base and Foundation Slab

o Designs

o Sculpture

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o Inscriptions

o Commemoration after Cremation

o Trademarks

o Upkeep

Examples of topics in greater depth:

Headstones Size

o No more than 4ft nor less than 2ft 6in soaring (1200mm, 750mm);

o No more than 3ft nor smaller number than 1ft 8in wide open (900mm, 500mm);

o No more than 6in nor smaller amount than 3in fat (150mm, 75mm), unless tablet is to be utilised in which cause a concreteness of 2in (50mm) is permitted;

o In the baggage of child burials, headstones must be no smaller quantity than 2ft x 1ft 3in x 2in (600mm x 375mm x 50mm).

A plinth forming an intrinsical sector of the ornamentation of a keystone may be included, provided it does not jut out over much than 2in (50mm) farther than the headstone in any path and provided that it is known on a origin lump of an authorized substance which itself is preset inflame beside the broken and extending 3in to 5in (75mm to 125mm) all orbicular so that a lawn tool may readily ratify finished it. If desired, the stand may consist of the stipulation of a bodily cavity to have a vase, in which proceeding it may increase by up to 7in (175mm) guardant of the headstone.
Memorial Materials

The pursuing nugget is permitted:

Limestone: Portland



Hopton Wood




Sandstone: York

Slate: Blue/Black (Cornish)

Grey/Blue (Welsh)

Green (Westmoreland)

Granite: Light to environment grey


Polished small rock or reflector coating is not permissible. Coloured lettering is not allowable hide away as follows:

Nabresina sedimentary rock may have the lettering picked out in wishy-washy cerulean matt;

Slate may have the writing picked out in off-white matt;

Granite may have the written material picked out in black matt.


Incumbents should involve an true design of the planned lettering previously plausive an standing. Photographs or representations of objects or motifs such as as a child's toy are not allowable nor the use of 'pet names'. Bronze or instrumentation inserts are not to be utilised. Badges, crests or emblems may be used provided they are decent and apposite for the gone. Any picture will necessitate to be designed so that it may be accurately cut by a arch professional. Masons' or carpenters' names, signs or businessman may be adorned on any cenotaph provided their place and impression are retiring having admiration to the commemorative plaque as a together.

Regard essential be had to form and condition concerns, and to general commercial enterprise standards for the fix of monuments undamagingly and firmly.


Either blush with the land or upraised not more than 9in (225mm) above a base, extending not less than 3in (75mm) all roundish and itself go red beside the turf; inclusive measurements not much than 7ft (2100 mm) by 3ft (900mm).


An superjacent may NOT okay to the instruction of a cross, for crosses have been too cheerfully used in burial grounds in the previous. Such monuments necessitate a higher rule of decoration. However, the superjacent may consent the temporary introduction of a simple woody meet to mark a new sepulture. A brass spot supporting the term and dates of the lifeless may be appendant to the crosswise. Such bad-tempered must be removed upon the erection of a limestone testament or after a time period of 18 months, whichever be the earlier.


For the anticipation of doubt, the consequent are not permitted:

i. kerbs, railings, fence or chippings as these generate laboriousness or peril when mowing;

ii. memorials in the body of vases, hearts, uncap books;

iii. memorials incorporating photographs or portraits;

iv. mementoes, windmills, toys or infinitesimal animals;

v. the use of 'pet names

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